injection mould making and moulding| ALPHATEC DIE & MOULD ( SHANGHAI ) CO., LTD

ALPHATEC greatly reduces design, manufacture and quality management time over previous by flexible utilizing the latest tools like 3 dimension solid design and flow analysis etc., while at the same time providing high quality products at low cost by learning Japanese technology and production management.

Design & Proposal strength

ALPHATEC provides proposals and support centered on 3 dimension solid design for all stages from conception to commercial production.

Integrative production from trial to mass

ALPHATEC specializes in everything from trial production to mass production, and provides trial production proposals with an eye towards mass production.

Global handling of molds and parts

ALPHATEC has established a system to respond to local procurement through collaboration between Japan and India.

Low-cost & Short delivery time

ALPHATEC contributes to shortening development periods through a variety of cost reduction including development cost and mass production cost.

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